Updated: Jan 2, 2019

As the holiday season comes to a wrap and the decorations are tucked away, we're starting to see hints of change in home decor for the new year. And while we enjoyed the dream of a white Christmas, we're excited to see color come back into play in 2019! This year is all about eye-catching colors and prominent patterns.


The fine folks at Pantone went bold this year with Living Coral - a convivial tone hinting at peach with deeper reds, reminiscent of a Texas sunset. Translated into an interior designer’s world, we were excited to see Sherwin Williams release their color of the year for 2019: Cavern Clay. As the mid-century modern aesthetic tapers off in favor of more organic design, this warm terracotta shade still provides that hint of vintage we find so comforting.

As designers we love to see bold, unexpected colors used in big ways! But if Cavern Clay isn’t in the cards for your walls, there are a variety of ways you can tie a room together with this desert-modern hue. Pull in pillows, roll out rugs, and even dress your windows with this earthy accent color. Mix in accessories and art to pull the color through the entire room.


OUT: Boring, Monotoned Rooms

IN: Jewel Tones

We're talking rich, jewel tones of red, blue, mustard, green. Through the year, look to see more and more color work its way into the mix as we shake up those minimalist white and gray rooms.

OUT: Ikat & Trellis Patterns

IN: Bold, Geometric Patterns

Especially in backsplashes and other areas where tile gets creative, look for large-format geometric patterns at play.

OUT: Boho Vibes

IN: Floral Fabric & Wallpaper

Muted design like fiber art (macrame) and fake succulents will be replaced with striking floral fabric and wallpapers. And don't worry - we've come a long way in wallpaper since the 80's.

Of course the transition leaves plenty of room for play! Mixing modern and vintage becomes a trend in itself as we layer patterned fabrics and trade some of the hard-lined mid-century pieces for more natural shapes and textures.

As we look at the year ahead filled with new projects, new spaces, and new opportunities, trends like these can provide inspiration and act as guidelines. But the most important design guideline we’ve discovered: Always allow the space be a reflection of you!


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