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*$500 for 2 hrs

Get your list ready, JGI will meet at your home for two hours to answer all of your design questions, brainstorm and give you all the interior design advice we can in this Designer Speed Date. Post meeting we will send you the notes and list of any action items. This service is for the ‘hands-on’ homeowner, or if you are in the planning phase for a future project. Payment is due at time of meeting.

*Pricing is based on standard rates and is subject to change based on scale of project and services required. ​



This is an interior designer first date. We will meet with you for 1 hour to review your project, determine your needs and get to know you.  We don't offer ideas or design advice in this meeting, as this is way to determine if we are a good match. If both parties agree, post meeting, JGI will provide you with an Interior Design Proposal for your project detailing what we will do, provide and for how much. Perfect for clients who are developing their Dream Team for larger scale projects.


This is where the magic happens; the whole reason you hired us. We get to know you, assess the project needs and desired look; Then we go back and dream it up big - providing you with a complete Design Plan for your room, space, or entire project. It will be unique to you, well thought out, and complete. It will include scaled, labeled plans, Look Book, supporting details and specifications. Enough for you to take and run with it, hand off to your builder, or have us complete the design. 

Fees can be built into a Design Proposal dependent upon the project, budget and degree of complexity, or billed at an hourly rate. 


If you choose, our studio can handle all aspects of seeing the Design Plan through to completion. We will be your eyes, ears, and voice on the job. Included are job site visits and inspections, contractor communications, and dealing with the little, but important details that go along with any construction project. Fees for this can be built into a Design Proposal depending upon the project and degree of complexity, or be billed by the hour.


Whether you are building a custom home or remodeling an existing space we can assist you with making all of the necessary selections for your project. We will walk you through the process step by step and make the selections in a timely manner to stay ahead of project deadlines. We will provide you and your builder with organized, written specifications, details and samples to effectively communicate the design intent and to avoid errors, omissions, delays and costs. 

Fees can be built into a Design Proposal dependent upon the project and degree of complexity, or billed by the hour. 


Our studio can provide computer generated, hand drafted drawings OR 3D renderings to communicate to scale important details to your contractor, builder or craftsman. These drawings make it easier to do material take-offs and installation correctly; plus, it helps you to visualize how the finished product will look.



We can aid you developing an overall budget that fulfills your project goals and can be implemented in stages. And we are great strategists in getting the look, while maintaining the budget. Our efforts are to ensure we focus on the big picture, and to achieve the design goals, without running over budget.


We offer plan review of architectural plans that take into account furnishings, art placement and lighting for consideration prior to plans being finalized. We can also create to scale furniture layouts using new or existing furniture.


Once the Design Creation is complete you can choose to purchase yourself, or have our office handle this for you. Order placement, follow up, receive, inspect, deliver and install. We also handle the headaches that can occur, such as damage, repairs, out of stock, dye-lot issues, back orders, freight issues and scheduling. Whether you like to do the shopping or you prefer to walk into the Big Reveal, we can assist.

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